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Managing your transactions with FinWise is quick, easy and simple

Get everything you need to manage and organize all your transactions. Stay on top of your finances with FinWise.

AI Auto Categorization

Transactions are automatically categorized by our advanced AI categorizer that learns from any changes you make.

Customizable Categories

Create completely custom categories and category groups with colors and emoji's to help you organize your transactions.

Transaction Tags

Add tags to your transactions to help you keep track of what matters to you.

Bulk Edit

Bulk edit allows you to quickly and efficiently edit and organise your transactions.

Split Transactions

Split transactions into multiple transactions to help you keep track bulk and shared purchases.

Add Notes

Add notes to your transactions to help you remember what you bought.

Upload Receipts & Attachments

Upload receipts or attachments to transactions for things like bills or invoices.

Advanced Filters & Search

Find transactions by description, date, category, tag, notes, amounts and more.

Set Effective Dates

Set effective dates on transactions to move them into the correct budget month.
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