FinWise vs Simplifi

See why FinWise is the best Simplifi alternative

Looking for an alternative to Simplifi, and want to see why FinWise is better? People switch to FinWise because it looks better, it's easier to use, has more features and functionality, and is cheaper.

Beautiful, intuitive design

FinWise has a slick and modern interface designed to be intuitive, easy to use and snappy.

Simplifi has a clunky and dated design, which is difficult and slow to use.

Extremely accurate auto-categorization

FinWise has an extremely accurate and reliable transaction auto-categorization engine which learns and improves as you use it, powered by AI and machine learning.

Simplifi's auto-categorization makes lots of mistakes and often needs to be re-categorized manually.

Flexible, customizable budgeting

FinWise lets you choose how you want to budget. Use either the default expense tracker mode, or switch to envelop and zero budgeting mode, with support for rollover and many other features.

Simplifi does not support other budget modes like envelope or zero budgeting, nor does it support budget rollover.

Collaborative budgeting

FinWise makes it easy to budget and manage your money collaboratively with your partner or family.

Simplifi has no ability to collaborate or share budgets with your partner or family.

Comprehensive trends and analysis

FinWise makes it easy to monitor spending trends with a very comprehensive trends and analysis tool, allowing you to get deep insights into your finances.

Simplifi has a very basic spending report.

See why people are switching to FinWise

Paul K.
Excellent interface, super easy to use. By far the best money management and planning app I've used.
March 17, 2024
Sean P.
I've been looking for exactly the tool you are creating, so very excited for it! FinWise is much better than any other app.

Looking forward to using the collaborative budgeting you're building with my wife.
February 11, 2024
Matt C.
FinWise is the most beautiful money management tool, and I've tried them all. You guys have my vote!
March 20, 2024
Stephen T.
FinWise is simple, and it just works. Way easier to use than Mint or Monarch. I was all set up in a few minutes!

The UI is excellent, and the team is very responsive and always happy to help.

And the bonus, its cheaper than Monarch!
February 4, 2024
Mike A.
Way cheaper than Monarch and CoPilot and much better for budgeting and trends.
December 24, 2023
Andrew G.
FinWise is so intuitive and powerful. No-brainer sub IMO.
November 12, 2023
Tom R.
I've tried all the budgeting apps, and FinWise is for sure my winner.

It's much nicer to use than the others, its snappy, intuitive and Jason and the team are extremely helpful.
October 1, 2023
Sarah P.
Yeah, I love FinWise! How have I not heard of you guys before?

I've moved over now from Monarch, really love what you are building!
October 5, 2023
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