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Budgeting on FinWise is quick, easy and powerful. Create a fully customizable budget that works for you.
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FinWise gives you everything you need to budget, monitor your expenses and start saving towards your money goals.

Simple yet powerful budgeting

At FinWise we've designed our budgeting to be simple and easy, whilst still being comprehensive and powerful.

Customizable Categories

Budget categories on FinWise are fully customizable and you can create, rename and remove your categories to be exactly how you like them.

Multi Currency

FinWise supports full multi-currency budgeting, you can set budgets in different currencies for different categories.

Rollover Budgeting

Rollover budgeting lets you have leftover spend roll over into the following month, to help you better keep track of your spend over time.

Calendar View

Calendar view lets you see your budget laid out in a calendar format, so that you can see exactly how much money you spend and receive each day.

Budget Trends

Budget trends helps you to get a feel for your spending over time. Easily see if you are overspending, or how much you are saving.

Envelope and Zero Budgeting (Coming soon)

Turn on envelope and zero budgeting mode to more tightly control your budget and how you spend your money, YNAB style.

Notifications & Alerts

Get notified when you overspend to help keep your spending in check.

Household Budgeting (Coming soon)

Budget collaboratively with your household or partner so that you have a holistic view of your combined income, spending and savings.
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