Planning & Forecasts

Simulate your financial future

Create financial plans to simulate and forecast your financial future.
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Visualize your whole financial life

See your entire financial life, plan for the future, and become confident about your financial future.

Forecast Your Finances

Plan all your expenses, income, savings and investments and forecast your future finances.

Track Your Progress

Track your progress against your plan and stay on target to reach your financial goals.

Compare Scenarios

Considering having a child or buying a house? Compare different scenarios to see what your financial future looks like.

Simple, Easy and Effective

Planning your financial future is simple, easy and effective with FinWise. No jargon or complicated terms.

Plan Collaboratively

Plan collaboratively with your partner so that you have a holistic view of your future together.

Add Milestones

Add goals and milestones that matter to you and track your progress.
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