Net Worth

Track Your Net Worth

Track your net-worth, assets and liabilities, and make sure that you money keeps growing and working for you
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Track and forecast your net-worth

FinWise gives you everything you need to track your net-worth, grow your wealth, and ensure your money works for you

Track All Your Accounts

Link and track all your bank accounts, credit cards, investment accounts, mortgages and more.

Near Real-time Updates

Your accounts automatically sync multiple times a day, and when you make a payment or transfer.

Create Manual Accounts

Manually add accounts for things like jewellery, cash, art or collectables.

Multi Currency

Seamlessly handle accounts with different currencies, all in once place with FinWise.

Net-worth Trends

See trends into your net-worth, assets and liabilities over time.


Forecast your net-worth to see how much money you will have in the future.

Interactive Charts and Trends

Interact by dragging and selecting on the charts and trends to see how your net-worth has changed over time.

Import Balance History

Import your net-worth balance history from other apps like Monarch, Mint, Simplifi and Lunch Money.

Export Balance History

Export your net-worth balance history to CSV.
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