Import your data

Add your accounts and transactions

Automatically sync your accounts using our trusted third-party providers, or manually import your transactions with CSV

Option 1

Automatic account syncing

All data that is synced into FinWise is read-only, encrypted, and we never store your credentials.

Bank syncing in USA, Canada
(Europe Coming soon)

We use Plaid for syncing your data securely into FinWise.
Plaid is widely-used globally, safe, secure, and trusted by the biggest personal finance apps on the market.

Bank syncing in South Africa

We use Yodlee for syncing your data securely into FinWise.
Yodlee is a trusted institution that supports our South African bank integrations. It is the same provider that 22Seven uses.

Set up your accounts once, and then we'll do the rest for you

You only need to connect your accounts once, and then your transactions will be automatically synced on a daily basis, and automatically categorised using our AI model.

Option 2

Create your accounts and upload your transactions, manually

This feature works well for users in other countries, who don't want to automatically sync their data, or experience issues with their bank syncing.